Code of Conduct

The students shall have to be bound by the rules and regulation laid down by the College Administration and Gujarat University, Ahmedabad regarding maintenance of discipline and conduct.
The students shall be regular, punctual and sincere in attending classes, tutorials, practice etc., they will not loiter outside the classrooms. In case they do not have any class, they shall either make use of the vacant period for library consultation or relaxation in their common room or sports.
The students shall maintain strict discipline concurrent with their status and dignity and will not do anything which shall be unbecoming of college students.
It shall be the collective responsibility of the students for the protection of the furniture & fixtures of their classrooms and in case of any damage, the Principal will have the right to take suitable punitive action as deems fit collectively against the entire class or against the individual student found guilty of the act, as the case may be.
The students will strictly adhere to the instructions of the Principal for parking their vehicles in the college premises. Any student or any person found riding scooter/car/motor-cycle/moped or any other kind of vehicle etc. within the prohibited area will attract stringent punitive action
The decision of the Principal shall be final in all matters concerning students’ indiscipline and no appeal will lay with any other authority
All the rules and regulations etc. are subject to change from time to time as per the instructions/orders/circulars of the UT Administration of Dadra & Nagar Haveli and the Gujarat University, Ahmedabad