Rules of Discipline

Students must wear Identity card in the college.
No students is allowed to display any Notice ,Circular, Poster, Banner etc. in the college premises without the prior permission of the principal.
Smoking and consuming any type of Tobacco-item is strictly prohibited in the college premises
Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited in the college
Students must park their vehicles at the parking place properly.
No student should be found in the corridors while classes are going on
Acts of misbehaviour, misconduct, ragging, indiscipline or violation of the rules of discipline mentioned above are liable for any one or more than one of the following punishments
  • Warning to the students.
  • A letter of information to the parents.
  • Imposition of a fine of Rs.50/- at each occasion
  • Denial of membership of Library, Laboratory, N.S.S. or any other facility for a certain period
  • Cancellation of Terms/Semester
  • Refusal of admission in the next term or academic year
  • Rustication from the college
  • Cancellation of admission