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The Portuguese law relating to the land revenue known as ORGANISCO AGRARIA was in force prior to coming into the force the Dadra and Nagar Haveli Land Revenue Administration Regulation 1971, which came into the force w.e.f 1-5-1974. The regulation was brought into force to consolidate and amend the law relating to land and land revenue in the U.T. of Dadra and Nagar Haveli and to provide for matters connected their with. The rules there underwith viz. the Dadra and Nagar Haveli Land Revenue Administration Rules, 1972 were also framed. Chapter X of the regulation read with Chapter XIII of the rules provide for records of the rights the present system of maintaining land records is as specified in the Manual of Revenue Accounts of the erstwhile Bombay State the village forms which are being maintained have been adopted on the pattern of Gujarat State. The code prescribes the maintenance of registers in the formats known as village forms. 


Land Records of Dadra & Nagar Haveli


The Land Records of Dadra and Nagar Haveli are maintained by Two Departments
(1)The Mamlatdar Office
(2)The Survey and Settlement Office
The Mamlatdar office, headed by the Mamlatdar holds the land records in textual form as:
 (1)Form 6
(2) Form 7 & 12
(3) Form 8A.
 These forms are maintained as registers in 11 Talati offices spread accross Dadra & Nagar Haveli. These Talati offices are headed by a Patel Talati and an assistant.  
The Survey Settlement Office headed by the Survey Settlement Officer houses all the cadastral maps maintained as Plain Table Sheets (PT sheets) Under the manual system, For getting Textual data related to any land, the land holder has to approach the concerned Talati office. And for the Maps he has to approach the Survey and Settlement office  
The computerization of this land records enable the End User i.e the Common Man to effortlessly get access to both the Map and Textual Data at one common Point. The Internet Version of The CLRMS was developed to improve the flow of information to the general public is aimed to future enable the common man to view the Land Record Details at the nearest convenient point thus reducing the time frame of getting information. This project is also a progressive step by the Local Administration in its efforts to provide Fast & Reliable much needed information to the General Public.


Form VII



Form VII contains record of rights details such land occupant, area of the land, land tax paid, etc. No change can be made in this form unless and until an entry is made and certified in the register of mutations i.e. village Form VI. As soon as mutation is effected in village Form VI, the Talathi should make pencil entry in concern village from VII.
Form XII is referred as register of crops which contains cultivation details such as crop cultivated season wise, irrigated area and its corresponding source of irrigation details



 Persons holding land in village is complied in village accounts in the register of holding that is Village Form VIII-A.  The Talathi is to draw up an account of what each land occupant has to pay to Government as Land Revenue and cess, collect them and credit these amounts into the treasury. This form is meant for drawing up an account of what each person primarily responsible to the payment of land revenue under section 161(1) of the regulation as land revenue and cess. It is therefore known as holding sheet b Khatedars (Khata Patrak). This facilitates along with village form VII – XII and VII – B the preparation and issue of booklets (Khedut Khatavahi) under Section 144 of the said regulation to the Khatedars on demand and on payment of the prescribed fees.
This form has a list of all parcel holdings owned by a particular land-occupant in a selected Village. In other words this form is known as a passbook contains details about all the landholdings of a single land occupant. It also displays the data in English & Gujarati languages.


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